Jamainspeedx Quality Control

We conduct mandatory quality checks on all newly listed products upon their arrival at the warehouse, as well as random quality checks on our existing product stock. We have a strict policy against selling low-quality and counterfeit items. It is imperative that all designs are authentic and of high quality.
  Any product rejected by a customer on their initial order will undergo mandatory quality control checks for the following 90 days any product rejected by customers three consecutive times will be removed from the marketplace and returned to the delivery address of the seller, Jamainspeedx retains the right to reject any product that fails to meet our quality standards.

Damaged Product

If your product sustains damage while under our care, Jamainspeedx will provide compensation. We will reimburse you for the cost price of the damaged merchandise. To be eligible for our insurance cover, the product must physically exist and have been approved for stocking in the Jamainspeedx warehouse facility. Please note that products damaged during transit to our warehouse facility are not eligible for coverage.

Product Package and Labelling

Sellers are required to adhere to our product packaging guidelines when preparing merchandise for submission to the warehouse. For products such as clothing that have size variations, it is essential to include size labels for easy identification during order fulfillment. Products that do not meet the packaging standards will be rejected. Please click here to learn more about our packaging guidelines.

Seller Delivery Address

When creating an account, sellers must provide a delivery address. This address will be used for returning your product or when you request a product withdrawal. The product withdrawal process typically takes between 10 to 15 business days. Please note that the seller is responsible for the delivery fee associated with returning the product. Once we check out any product from our inventory, we will notify the seller via email. It is important to understand that we cannot be held responsible for any incidents or damages that may occur to the returning product during transit.

Product life Circle

Any product that remains in our warehouse for a duration of 90 days without receiving a customer order will be subjected to a monthly extra fee of ₦1000 per SKU. For instance, if 3 units of product A have stayed for 90 days without a customer order, a charge of ₦1000 * 3 = ₦3000 will be applied to product A. Sellers who wish to remove a product with an overdue lifecycle will be required to clear the outstanding fee before we can process the product return.

Abandoned Product

Products that are rejected due to not meeting our quality standards cannot remain in our warehouse facility for more than 30 days. We strongly encourage sellers to arrange for the return of these products to their delivery address. Any products that exceed the 30-day timeline will be disposed of and registered as abandoned items.

Declaration Form

When submitting product to the warehouse, we demand that sellers attach a copy of product declaration form to the merchandise. this form help us effectively identify the product and properly document sellers inventory, products without the declaration form will be rejected.

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